Frequently asked questions

How much does CGI cost in Dubai?

The cost of CGI can range from 11000 AED to 36000 AED. The cost varies from one CGI video or image to another & depends mostly on types that clients want like 2D or 3D visuals.

How much does it cost to produce content?

How much does creative content production cost? It generally falls within between 1800 AED to 11000 AED for quality content. The cost of creating high-quality content may run across the spectrum depending on the complexity of research, employee rewards. It typically covers the possibility of revisions and research, as well as custom graphics, and more.

What is CGI content?

Computer Generated Imagery(CGI) is the creation of animated visual content with computer software. It is used for art, printed media, video games, films, television programs and more. CGI has drastically increased the quality of films and TV shows over the years by adding detail that would be impossible to create in any other way.

How is CGI made?

There are several different methods used to produce these 3D images. Algorithms are often used to generate fractal patterns, which are mathematically designed shapes that repeat infinitely in an infinite grid. 2D pixel-based images can be created using image editors that can use vector shapes or bitmap shapes.

What is CGI in marketing?

CGI allows businesses of all types to increase their efficiency by creating 2D or 3D visuals & images & prepare them with realistically rendered procedures from scratch.